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We’re Back in Indy (virtually) for Indy Design Week!

Mark your calendars next week (May 4 – 8) for Indy Design Week, this year taking place digitally! Agency is honored to be part of Indy Design Week, following our recent work in Indiana, the White River Vision Plan and XX – A Miller Prize Proposal. Thank you to our friends at Landmark Columbus for inviting us!

As part of the five days of Indy Design Week, Richard McCoy of Landmark Columbus is curating a series of discussions related to the impacts of COVID on Social ConnectivityPublic SpaceHome Life, and Food Systems. On Tuesday, from 1pm-3pm, Gina and Brie will speak as part of the Homeworks Workshop Series: Public Space. Alongside Quilian Riano (Associate Director of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Kent State University, Kent, OH) and Donna Sink (People for Urban Progress, Indianapolis, IN), they will discuss how the design and academic communities are addressing the pandemic and our open spaces of the future.

“Given the vital importance of public spaces that make our cities unique, Public Space explores how we will gather in the future.

Indy Design Week wanted to provide an opportunity to offer our practitioners ways to get engaged and use their skills for public benefit during this time of uncertainty. Participating in this program will gain you an all access pass. We expect you to attend at least two of the four sessions. We are asking you as an attendee to do work with us, so we want to reward you for your efforts. Space is limited. View the full schedule of events.

The design and academic communities have an important role in this pandemic now, and also to design a more resilient community for the future.”

– Homeworks: Public Space

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