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Bringing Some Mountain to the Coast: Bozeman in Baltimore at IDA!

The International Downtown Association and its host partner, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, are gearing up for the 65th Annual Conference & Tradeshow, October 28-30, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Over 900 inspired leaders shaping cities from around the globe will convene to discuss emerging trends in urban place management and walk away with solutions to apply in their respective cities. This year’s theme will bring together the brightest industry minds to discuss what it means to be “Proudly Urban” and how embracing this mindset can benefit districts of all sizes.”

We are thrilled that our client for the Bozeman Downtown Plan and executive director of the Downtown Bozeman Partnership, Chris Naumann, is participating in a panel discussion on Tuesday October 29 at 8:00 am called “Marketing Proudly Urban: Craft a Data-Informed Persona in Places of All Sizes”. Joined by other leaders from Los Angeles and Memphis, the team will discuss how downtown associations can produce marketing content to helps stand out from other downtowns and how marketing narratives can start with understanding the unique pieces of their story – namely, their data.

Rhiannon Sinclair, the project manager for the Bozeman Downtown Plan, will be there for the Conference and will be cheering Chris on!