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Belmont Beach pop-up opens, setting the stage for more activation on the White River

With the White River Vision Plan as a guide, Indianapolis is reclaiming Belmont Beach as a community asset along the White River! The banks of the White River have hosted many communities over thousands of years. More recently the land now known as Belmont Beach was a Black-only beach on the White River as part of segregation in the mid-20th century. Now, Belmont Beach is part of the neighboring Haughville community’s grassroots initiative to “reclaim the story of a segregated swimming hole along the White River in Indianapolis and celebrate the resilience of the people and the river that endured in the face of endless harms.”(Belmont Beach Project)

The Belmont Beach Project is implementing a pop-up beach on the White River just north of Downtown Indianapolis to transform the space back into a community gathering space and eventually a beloved community park. The temporary pop-up, which is supported by a grant from the Lilly Endowment, will be open for all to enjoy now until October 2021.

Participate in the Belmont Beach Project! To find out more about the Belmont Beach Project go to

Check out the White River Vision Plan! The plan outlines a bold vision for the future with a collaborative planning and design approach that recognizes the region’s unique history and highlights conserving the region’s hydrology and ecology while providing destinations up and down the river. The plan was completed in collaboration with Christopher B. Burke EngineeringDAVID RUBIN Land CollectiveEngaging SolutionsFineline GraphicsHeritage StrategiesHR&A Advisors, INC.Land StoryPorch LightProject Photo DocsRATIO Architectsand Shrewsberry. To find out more about the White River Vision Plan, check out the plan’s project page or head to the plan’s website,