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Agency Celebrates Five Years with Some BIG News!

We often say that collaboration is about setting an inclusive and welcoming table. At Agency, our table has grown over our five years — from a table of two to a dinner party of twenty — bringing greater capacity, more diversity and a tremendous amount of energy to our mission-driven practice.

Gina shared: “When Brie and I started this business five years ago, we saw our charge as helping communities manage change — environmental, social, and economic change. How little we knew then how much change the world was going to throw at us! Through a pandemic, an amplified racial justice movement and a resurgence of conversation about women’s rights, we have been grateful everyday for our mission-aligned clients, partners, projects, and colleagues.

In that spirit — of expressing gratitude, of welcoming change and of growing impact — we are thrilled to announce the expansion and elevation of Agency’s leadership team! We welcome Agency’s next evolution!”

As part of Agency’s continued evolution, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a few significant seats at Agency’s table. We welcome principals Rhiannon Sinclair and Kate Tooke and directors Susannah Ross and Jill Dixon.

Brie shared: “At the same time we channel our creative skills into projects that have resilience, equity and economic impact, we also invest time and energy into making a public work practice built to thrive in constrained environments.

Building Agency is a passion project — one that takes constant dialogue and care. We are excited to expand our leadership team to bring more operational and business systems excellence. While Gina and I have loved laying the groundwork of a woman-owned, public design and planning practice, we are excited to welcome Directors to help enact the mission, vision, and values in our day-to-day operations.”

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