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Xi Talks Work, Life and Culture with Landscape Architecture Magazine

Inspired by a union push by firm employees at Shop Architects and a growing sense of generational discontent with the often unreasonable expectations and lack of work-life balance at design firms everywhere, Landscape Architecture Magazine‘s Bradford McKee spoke with ten landscape professionals about their experience. Agency’s Xi Yang shares her values, experiences and hopes as part of the discussion.

“The word ‘calling’  has too many layered connotations for me to relate to … If anything, I prefer to be associated with people and relationships, rather than profession or work – teammates who are undoubtedly the most wonderfully talented and adorable people on Earth, the communities who will live around our projects hopefully many generations onward, the clients who can be intense sometimes but often make our work better at the end of the day.”

We could not be more inspired or proud by Xi’s words and those of her fellow contributors. Read for yourself here!