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Work From Home Tips + Tricks: An ASLA Webinar

As more people are beginning to work from home for the first time, Agency’s veteran Work-From-Home-er, Eamonn Hutton, shared his WFH experience in an ASLA webinar on March 31. Eamonn, in collaboration with Nina Chase (Merritt Chase) and Jessalyn Jarest (COLLAB and JJLA) shared their experiences with remote working challenges and opportunities, including:

  • Tools: technology for remote work and collaboration
  • Team: communication, culture, and clients
  • Togetherness: Family. Working from home. Mental health. “Oh my god, they just closed the kids’ school until APRIL 26th!?!?”

Watch the recorded webinar, “Out of Office: Tools, Team, and Togetherness for WFH”.
Download the slides.
And view a summary of resources and tools.

Image from Eamonn’s COVID Digi-Desktop, a collaborative sketching file shared by the team.