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We’re Thrilled to be Talking Design with Waterfront Toronto

This spring, Gina joined Waterfront Toronto’s Design Review Panel for a two-year appointment. Since 2001, Waterfront Toronto has been overseeing urban change within a 2,000 acre waterfront terrain in this growing, cosmopolitan city.

According to Waterfront Toronto, “The Waterfront Design Review Panel is an independent advisory body comprised of some of the world’s most accomplished city-building professionals.  The Panel strives to add value to every project by providing expert advice that is professional, fair, and constructive. Its role is to promote design excellence, improve environmental performance, and ensure a cohesive approach to waterfront revitalization.”

Surrounded by incredible professionals, Gina is thrilled to be talking constructively about design with the impressive team at Waterfront Toronto!

Keep your eyes on our Instagram as we post dispatches from Toronto along the way! Pictured here is one of Gina’s photos of friend and former panel member Claude Cormier’s incredible Sugar Beach on a cold spring walk.