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We’re in Australia (virtually) for the 2020 AILA Conference

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that complacency is something we can no longer afford. As landscape architects we recognise the complex interconnectedness of planetary systems, and the dynamic relationships between people, places and other living entities. We also recognise that we can choose the way we move forward. In a year marked by the ferocious sorrows of bushfire, Black Lives Matter, and COVID we have also been given the opportunity to pause. Land-e-Scape: Reset – towards healing invites landscape architects to collectively pause, reflect, discuss and explore the ways our profession can contribute to what comes next. How do we heal our relationships with nature, with the places we live, work and play, and with each other?”  – AILA

We are so honored to take part in the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects’ 2020 virtual conference (October 12-15)! The conference, Land-E-Scape: Reset – Towards Healing is taking place online this year, providing us with an opportunity to join AILA virtually, on the other side of the world. The conference is tackling the challenging dynamics of 2020 head on with creative formats and inspiring speakers – we look forward to sharing alongside them.

The fourth day’s theme, Reparations, will focus on “how we can work to heal fractured relationships to empower communities and individuals to improve and restore connectivity.” Following this day of talks about gender equity in Australia, Gina and Brie will give an interactive lecture and discussion, Optimism and Action: Design and Planning for Today. They will share Agency’s stories of building a mission-driven firm, committing to engagement-driven design, and what it means to be a women-led practice, today. Their talk will take place at 4:10 pm AEDT (1:10 am EDT!) We hope our friends in Australia (and our night owls back home!) can join this conversation, and we are looking forward to making new connections in the land down under!

Read more about the conference here and download the program here.

(Image from XX – Miller Prize)