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We Contributed to the Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Online Silent Auction!

We are thrilled to be part of an incredible catalog of landscape architects featured in a special silent auction hosted by The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Contributions, each using a mask provided by TCLF as its canvas, include artworks by Agency’s Gina Ford along with friends Tiffany Beamer, Ken Smith, Michelle Delk, Martha Schwartz, Thomas Woltz, Gary Hilderbrand, Deb Guenther, Kofu Boone, Sara Zewde, Stu Dawson and many others.

The pandemic has included many stories of selfless acts of mask-making. Masks, crafted by hand, are often made by women driven by an ethic of care and focused on creating an essential layer of protection for community members. This layering of craft (sewing), gender (women) and care (feminism) is the source of inspiration for our contribution, entitled Her-oglyphics. A series of landscape-inspired symbols – rendered in textile rather than stone and representing elements of master works of women landscape architects – promises the wearer magical powers of protection. Can you decode the Her-oglyphics? If you need help, we offer a translation chart here.

Join along in the fun and contribute to a great cause by checking out and bidding at the silent auction here. Online from June 15th to June 29th! All proceeds benefit the great work of TCLF!