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Watch: “Design as Activism” at TCLF’s Landscape Activism Conference

In October of 2022, the Oberlander Prize Forum II: Landscape Activism explored the depth, complexity, and entrepreneurship of activist practices throughout the country. Julie Bargmann, inaugural laureate of the Cornelia Hahn Oberlander International Landscape Architecture Prize, is known for an activist approach to practice. Like Cornelia Oberlander before her, and like Ian McHarg and Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. before them, she has worked to transform both the public landscape and the nature of landscape architecture itself.

“This conference allowed a collective examination of the designer’s role in facilitating community voice and advancing social justice with a specific focus on how we must also reshape practice. It was at times hard and often also optimistic, but as a whole, a great inspiration.” – Gina Ford

The videos are now online and are publicly accessible. Watch as design professionals, historians, and critics share across a range of themes.

Thank you to The Cultural Landscape Foundation for convening this forum as part of the public engagement activities associated with the Cornelia Hahn Oberlander International Landscape Architecture Prize.

The conference began with TCLF’s Charles A. Birmbaum’s opening remarks. (watch here)

Jane Edmonds, Founding Partner of Jane’s Way, gave an inspiring keynote address. (watch here)

Agency’s Gina Ford moderated “Design as Activism”, a panel that engaged three pioneering designers to address issues including social justice, climate justice, environmental justice, revisionism, and erasure. She spoke with Sierra Bainbridge (MASS Design Group), Maura Rockcastle (TEN x TEN), and Chelina Odbert (Kounkuey Design Initiative). Watch below:

“New Knowledge Creators, NGOs, Entrepreneurs” was moderated by Angela Kyle, and included panelists Naomi Davis (BIG! Blacks in Green), Lee Pivnik (Institute for Queer Ecology), Robin Little Wing Sigo (Suquamish Research & Strategic Development Department) and Dakota Keene (Mithun). (watch here)

Wrapping up the conference, John Beardsley (The Cultural Landscape Foundation) moderated “Reshaping Practice”, a panel that included Marc Miller (Black Landscape Architects Network), April De Simone (Designing for Democracy), Danielle Toronyi (OLIN), and Max Dickson (OLIN). (watch here)