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The City Parks Alliance Wants Us to Move More – and We’re Up for the Challenge!

City Parks Alliance’s National Study of Neighborhood Parks found that teen girls and seniors are often underrepresented in parks. To inspire park designers, planners and stewards to  engage these underrepresented demographics in physical activity in their parks and community spaces, City Parks Alliance’s next webinar (on October 2nd at 1pm), “Active Parks, Healthy Cities: Increasing Physical Activity Among Teen Girls and Seniors” will feature two creative models and programs that are showing us a way forward!

And to inspire you to register here for the webinar, Agency is showcasing ourselves as “creative models”! A little glimpse into the kinds of ways we stay active and fit follows.
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Elaine: Hitting the Harbor!

Leah: Rode a bicycle from Minneapolis to Boston – that’s half the country!

Eamonn: Likes to stretch it out with his crew.

Susannah: Taking a long hike in the mountains…

Brie: Wonders if crabbing is a sport?

Matthew: Likes to zipline in his spare time.

Tatyana: Taking in the long view…

Xi: Our resident dreamer likes to climb trees!

Gina: Is all about water sports with the family!

Rhiannon: Is wondering how gardening became work and work became gardening.