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Agency Springs into Action! (Spring 2021 Talk Series)

This spring, we will be joining virtual classrooms and lecture halls across the country to share Agency’s work and story. A few of the lectures are open to the public, so please join us! See below for our full schedule of talks.

2/5: Wentworth Institute of Technology, ProPractice lecture

2/8: Thomas Jefferson University, Public Lecture, see more info here + register here!

2/10: University of Pennsylvania, ProPractice lecture

2/24: Kent State, Public Lecture, Register here!

2/26: University of Oregon, Panel discussion

3/5: Utah State, Public Lecture, Register here!

3/9: Iowa State, ProPractice lecture

3/12: Rhode Island School of Design, ProPractice lecture

3/31: Texas A&M, ProPractice lecture

4/2: University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Panel discussion

4/6: Boston Architectural College, ProPractice lecture

4/8: Architalx, Public Lecture, See more here!

4/12: University at Buffalo, Discovering Landscapes class lecture

5/20: ASLA Utah, Conference Lecture

We look forward to connecting with students and professionals across the country this spring.