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Plan2Play is Online Now! A Transformative and Experience-Based Plan for Greensboro’s Parks and Recreation System!

Agency is thrilled to have partnered with the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department – along with Revington Reaves Landscape and Planning, ETM Associates, Sports Facility AdvisoryETC Institute and North Carolina State University (Mickey Fearn) – to create Plan2Play.

Plan2Play is Greensboro Parks and Recreation’s new system-wide Master Plan. Plan2Play provides a framework for the use and development of the City park system for the next 20 years. The planning process reviewed the department’s current operations and provided recommendations, priorities, and strategies for meeting the changing recreation needs of the community. Further, it incorporated thousands of community voices via a series of big ideas for the system’s future!

According to Director Ednasha McCray, “With [the community’s] continued support and under the guidance from this plan, Greensboro Parks and Recreation will be well-positioned to continue to provide high-quality programs, well-maintained facilities, transformative experiences, and a great quality of life for all for Greensboro.”

Read the draft plan here!