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Outstanding Community Engagement in Jersey City? That’s us!

We’re thrilled to share that OUR Jersey City Master Plan – Vision, Land Use, Open Space is the winner of the American Planning Association New Jersey Chapter’s “Outstanding Community Engagement Award” for 2023.

As the leaders of the Open Space Element of the plan, Agency placed great attention on crafting a game plan to increase access to amenities the community desires the most, while balancing the City’s unique ecological needs and imagining safe, effective, and accessible multi-modal ways to reach these destinations. Agency led a team of local partners and experts: NV5, Stokes Creative Group, and Berry Dunn, in close collaboration with the Land Use Element (led by BFJ) and the Vision Plan (led by AECOM).

Underway in 2020-2021, the community engagement process didn’t just share the typical ups and downs. “The Awards Jury was particularly impressed with the team’s ability to adapt during the pandemic and achieve such robust community engagement at a time when stakeholders were attempting to navigate digital connections.” Since the plan was approved, Jersey City has reinvested in over 25 parks throughout the city! We are excited to see what they accomplish over the next several years.

For more information on the award-winning project, click here.