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Our Paper on Strategies for Resilience in Sustainable Coastal Design and Planning!

We are thrilled to see much of the resilience work we led and some of our favorite collaborators featured in Elizabeth Mossop’s powerful new book called Sustainable Coastal Design and Planning! Included in the volume, among many extraordinary and thought-provoking papers, are:

Resilience and Coast Ecosystems: Three Typologies, Three Design Strategies
The product of years of collaboration with Dr. Steven Handel, this essay chronicles our approach to resilience developed during the Rebuild by Design Competition. A true collaboration of science and design!

Best Practices for Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Coastal Resiliency
Written by one of the great thinkers on both topics – resilience and collaboration – this essay by Jill Allen Dixon captures the spirit of the Changing Course Competition, an effort led by Dixon and Gina Ford for Sasaki in 2015. See also the incredible Giving Delta essay by Jeff Carney, Claire Agre et al for more on Changing Course.

Engaging the Community to Envision the Coastal Climate Future
A brilliant overview of the challenges, opportunities and methods associated with community engagement in resiliency planning and design, this essay is written by our frequent collaborator Karen M. O Neill. Karen worked with us on both Changing Course and Rebuild by Design, helping to bring issues of race, class, and culture into the discussion.

Check out the book here!