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New Year; New Collaborations. We Welcome Special Agent David Buckley Borden!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome David Buckley Borden as an Artist-in-Residence at Agency for the next six months. Long-time friend and collaborator, David is a landscape designer and artist. Of this role, David says:

“Like the most productive residencies, this opportunity is an open-ended program in which I collaborate with in-house designers, planners, and landscape architects within the context of their professional practice. The intention is to contribute to Agency’s work in the form of drawings, models/sculptures, proposals, and community-driven art installations. I’m excited to expand the expertise I’ve developed while at the Harvard Forest and apply my creative approach to the landscape and planning profession. I feel particularly fortunate to work with Agency in light of their mission-driven practice and their interest in making environmental place-based issues relevant by means of accessible art and design.

Beyond project output, I also look forward to developing a case-study for embedding visual artists within landscape architecture and planning firms as a forward-thinking mode of interdisciplinary design practice. Finally, I am grateful to Agency principals Gina Ford and Brie Hensold for their confidence in my work and their openness to this unconventional creative experiment.”

For more on David’s practice, check out his wonderful website full of inspiring work!
Image featured: Franklin Park engagement model, made by David and Agency team members