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Midterm Season for Agents at the Harvard Graduate School of Design

For the past several years, Brie has served as the Team Project Lead for the Advanced Management Development Program (AMDP) in Real Estate, held through the Harvard GSD’s Executive Education program. The AMDP program is a unique opportunity to work with team members who come from an array of different backgrounds from all over the globe, to develop a proposal for a real project site with real clients. This year, Brie was joined by an Agency cohort of Professional Design Assistants (PDAs): Estello, Kari, Kym, Laura, and Xi.

Our PDAs have been working with project teams since October, serving in a teaching role and collaborating with team members to bring together urban design, financial analysis, and urban strategy to the project site. This past week marked the end of the project, where the teams participated in work sessions every night leading up to a final submission and presentation to the AMDP jury.

Brie’s Planning Core II studio’s midreviews also took place last week, joined by special guest critiques from the Planning Department of the City of Lynn (with their Vision Lynn initiative) represented by Faustina Cuevas and Arts-Cultural Planner Lucrecia Thomson. They have been working with the Planning students in setting the framework to reimagine Lynn and by exploring the demographics and characteristics of the city. The students presented their analysis and developed Request for Proposals (RFPs) as part of their core studio curriculum. For more information, head to or @harvardurbanplanning on Instagram.

Pictured from left to right: Estello, Kari, Shiona (GSD), Brie, Kym, and Xi.