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Metropolis features Agency in its coverage of Exhibit Columbus!

Agency is thrilled to be featured in this month’s Metropolis and its coverage of the Exhibit Columbus Symposium. Last month, Agency joined the ranks of a number of stunning practices taking on transformational design projects over the next year.
Metropolis writer Samuel Medina concludes on the notion of community:

“Another anchoring point of discussion was that of community. In recent years especially, the word has become overly capacious, a catch-all trotted out by corporate firms and small-town mayors alike. Few, if any, of the symposium speakers did enough to interrogate the word, though nearly all fleetingly remarked on the political desperation of the times. It is exactly that desperation, however, that calls not for political expediency, but for a nuanced understanding of where we actually find ourselves and where we might go from here.”

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