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Join us for Boston Harbor for All 2020!

Register now for Boston Harbor Now‘s second biennial conference, this year online – Boston Harbor for All Summit! On Thursday, June 4 from 8:45 am – 5:00 pm, we’re looking forward to hearing from local and national experts about how to inspire, include, and protect waterfront parks and public spaces. Together with our friends at the Boston Parks and Recreation Department, BSLA, National Parks of Boston, Massport, Stoss, Weston and Sampson, and many others, Brie worked on an organizing committee to support this event.

“With major park planning initiatives across Boston and efforts throughout the region to build a resilient waterfront, this is the time to come together to learn about best practices in other cities and the work underway locally.

How can we design, fund, build, maintain, and program a transformative, welcoming, and resilient waterfront and islands to protect and enhance our region? How can we ensure that parks and public spaces along Boston Harbor are truly for everyone?

Join Boston Harbor Now and public, private, and nonprofit partners for a second biennial event to address our harbor’s opportunities and most urgent challenges, with a focus on how we can work together to move key policies and projects from planning to action. The planning and design decisions we make today will impact our waterfront for decades to come. Only by collaborating and breaking down silos will we get it right.”

Read more and register here! We hope to see you in the Zoom room!

Special thanks to Alice Brown for inviting us to the party!