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Help plan for the future of Jersey City!

We’re excited to work with Jersey City to create a vision for the city’s parks, open spaces and community facilities – part of a broader look at the future. Engagement has kicked off online, starting with a community survey! Changes to public gathering due to COVID-19 encouraged Jersey City to think differently about public engagement, with both a full online presence and options to pick up the survey in various locations across the city.

The Jersey City Plan Vision and accompanying Plan Elements come at a time of significant momentum around the future of the city, with waterfront development, population growth, and an attention to future resilience, affordability, and equity. Two plan elements are currently underway, the Open Space, Recreation and Community Facilities Element and the Land Use Element. Agency Landscape + Planning was selected by the City of Jersey City to lead the Open Space, Recreation, and Community Facilities Plan Element, with support from NV5Lisa Paradis, and Stokes Creative Group, as part of a larger planning effort to update the city’s comprehensive plan. Agency and BFJ Planning (leading the Land Use Plan Element) are working together with AECOM (prime and plan engagement) to complete the two remaining plan elements by summer 2021.

Photo by Jennifer Brown / City of Jersey City.

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