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Grab Your Shovels! The Mill River Park Playground is Breaking Ground.

Congratulations to the Mill River Park Collaborative, who broke ground this fall on a new playground (with the help of some very qualified and professional youth volunteers!) in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. As one of the first elements implemented out of the Mill River Park Master Plan, the playground has been a beloved community resource and a point of pride for the many volunteers whose hands helped erect it in 2007. Now, after providing over 15 years of play, the playground is being reimagined to align with today’s vision for Mill River Park.
The reimagined Mill River Park Playground seeks to combine high standards for sustainability and inclusivity to create a one-of-a-kind destination for play in Stamford. Stormwater education sits side by side with embankment slides, a custom-designed play structure, and access for all those who wish to play. The Agency team led the design of the updated playground, alongside collaborators at Abundant Playscapes, CES, Earthscape Play, Kanics Inclusive Design, and Langan Engineering. Over the next several months, with the help of Montagno Construction, we look forward to seeing this playground come to life.

To learn more about this groundbreaking play space, check out our project page.