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Gina Talks ‘At the Water’s Edge’ at Ball State University!

Agency’s Gina Ford will kick off a week of Indiana landscape architectural exploration at Ball State University on Monday, January 28th.

“Nowhere is the ability to design with nature more evident than on our waterways. And, in an era of increased awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and the consistent threats posed by climate change, our waterways have become the proverbial front line. In this presentation of recent work, Gina will be discussing three case studies on resiliency focused on urban waterways, both coastal and riverine environments. She will cover projects ranging from strategic planning scale (i.e. a regional approach for a river) to realized site-specific work (i.e. design solutions for a coastal park). She will illuminate the role of interdisciplinary technical partners in the work – from traditional engineering to ecologically based thinking. Lastly, she will showcase a range of approaches to community engagement in the planning and design process.”

In addition to past and ongoing work around the county, Gina will be discussing Agency’s recent work in Indiana, including on the White River Vision Plan (pictured here), the Fort Wayne Riverfront (with DAVID RUBIN Land Collective) and the practice’s Miller Prize proposal as part of Exhibit Columbus.

For more on the lecture or to sign up to attend, visit here!