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Embracing the Emerald Ribbon: Dreams for the Future

Since June 2023, we have heard from hundreds of Salt Lake City residents and stakeholders about their dreams for the future of the Jordan River Corridor. The energy is undeniable: people have big dreams for the newly named “Emerald Ribbon.” While we can’t interview the herons, muskrats, and junesucker fishes that also call the corridor home, our research has made clear just how critical the Jordan River is to the future of Salt Lake Valley’s human and natural communities.

As we conclude Phase One of the Emerald Ribbon Action Plan in partnership with Siglo Group and the client team at Salt Lake City Public Lands, we’re excited to share what we’ve learned. You can see the Existing Conditions report, here, which includes a video presentation of the findings and a complete summary of community engagement data thus far. This report will serve as the foundation for proposed future concepts for the Emerald Ribbon.

For more information on our role in this visionary project, you can also check out our project page, here.