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Don’t Miss Exhibit Columbus’ Opening Week!

After months of planning, designing and collaborating with friends and neighbors from the Columbus community, we’re excited to share XX with a wider audience at Exhibit Columbus! The exhibit will feature an exciting range of projects in Columbus including the Washington Street Civic Projects and the J. Irwin Miller and Xenia S. Miller Prize.

Join us Friday, August 23rd to Sunday, August 25th for Opening Weekend, and stick around on Saturday for a conversation between Bryony Roberts with Bryony Roberts Studio, Elizabeth Timme and Helen Leung with LA Mas, Rosten Woo, and Gina Ford from Agency, moderated by Mimi Zeiger, Critic and Curator.

Lots of thanks to our collaborators, fabricators and many volunteers:

Anne Surak
Becky Church, Plant Specialist
Ben Surak
Benjamin Pearce, Grasshopper
Beth Stroh
Brian Burtch
City of Columbus DPW
City of Columbus Friends and Neighbors
Cleo Rogers Memorial Library
Denise Rau
Ellen Carson
ESL Spectrum
Exhibit Columbus
Felipe Martinez
First Presbyterian Church
Grace Kestler
Hadley Fruits
Hannah Brokenshire
Hazal Seval
Heather Carso
Jalen Price
James Mayeux, Flowers
JARD, Tags
Jondra Bolte
Katresha Taylor
Kristin Munn
Kyle Hendricks
Libby Arthur
Linda Reece
Livia Surak
Liz Clevland
Lois Ann Brandon
Lucabe & Gramz
Maika Shibata
Margaret Baker
Maria Sampson
Mary Ann Coffman
Mary Clare Speckner
Matthew Macchietto
Michelle Bishop
Michelle Cox
Nun Cungbik
Omar Alvarado
Richard McCoy
Rodney Fickle
Sahar Coston-Hardy
Sam Pfeifer
Samantha Snodgrass
Sarah Wilson
The Heritage Fund
Tracy Haddad
Travis Belden
Tricia Gilson
Tyler Truss
Vada Goss
Viewpoint Books
Wyatt Belden
… And Our Moms

Hope to see you there!

Photo Credit: Hadley Fruits