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Devendra Dugad (Re-)Joins Agency!

After welcoming Devendra Dugad to our office in February 2022 as a “wintern”, we are delighted to welcome him back to Agency as an Urban Planner / Designer.

Devendra is an urban planner/designer from Nashik, India who holds a Master of Urban Design from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. Ever-curious, Devendra believes that urban, landscape, and ecological design are imperative agents of change that can make the built and natural environments more livable, sociable, and adaptable. He confronts issues related to climate change and development through systems thinking and a people-focused approach. In his spare time, Devendra enjoys watching and playing sports, cooking, and traveling to experience different cultures.

Join us in re-welcoming Devendra!