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Designing for Democracy! Join us at the 2018 Boston Society of Landscape Architect’s Conference!

This year’s annual Boston Society of Landscape Architects Conference is focused on the broader issues facing the profession of landscape architecture. How do our cities prepare for and recover from sea level rise? What’s our responsibility to engage the communities we serve? How can re-shape practice to address the increasingly significant and complex challenges of 21st century urbanism?

Agency’s Gina Ford will be leading a panel that sits squarely in this space, called “Designing for Democracy: Case Studies of Landscape Architecture’s Role in Civic Action”:

“As landscape architects, we are often asked to design multi-faceted public spaces – ones that encourage sustainable travel, community gathering, and economic activity, all while projecting both inclusiveness and security. This panel focuses on the ways in which public space design affects the way we interact with our fellow citizens and embraces the democratic values we all cherish. The conversation will include case studies from Austin, Texas (presented by Susannah Ross) and Washington DC (presented by Laura Marett).”

Tickets are on sale now! Join us!