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Construction Updates in the Eastern Mangrove

Check out our construction progress on the Mangrove Walkway in Sarasota’s Bay Park!

Last week, our Sarasota construction team relocated three large live oak from an existing parking lot to their new home along our Mangrove walkway. The process started almost a year ago with root pruning and slow excavation. Here, the trees will be able to grow and thrive in an even better condition, for hopefully hundreds of years!

Elsewhere along the Mangrove walkway, construction of our interpretive placemaking decks is underway—including a series of wetland bridges, a swing/deck celebrating a large live oak and seating areas in cabbage and oak groves.

In this preview of the Mangrove Walkway, Bill Waddill gives a tour of recent construction progress. Initial precast concrete and oolite site features are being built, trees and shrubs will be planted in the next couple weeks, and wood decking is being installed at the learning decks. We are delighted to see the progress, and look forward to completion of this first phase in early March!

While the Mangrove Phase is under construction, we are nearing design documentation of the larger phase one park. Follow along for more construction updates here and read about the larger Sarasota Bayfront Park design efforts here!