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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Claude Cormier

Agency’s Susannah Ross and Xi Yang are in Montreal this week to celebrate the life and work of the amazing Claude Cormier, icon of landscape architecture and a good friend of Gina Ford’s. This morning, The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Pioneers of Landscape Design video oral history with Claude Cormier was unveiled.

“The 115-minute-long Cormier oral history is parsed into 28 two- to five-minute clips and organized under the themes of “biography,” “design,” and “projects.” This is the most extensive oral history completed by the Foundation to date.

Throughout the oral history Claude is insightful, funny, spirited, and authoritative. Numerous of his great design achievements, both temporary and permanent, are featured and illustrate the depth and scope of his design genius.” TCLF

Agency was a lead donor to the oral history that The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) was able to capture shortly before Claude’s sad passing. Join us in watching the Cormier oral history and celebrating the life of the remarkable Claude Cormier, by clicking here.

Check out Gina’s personal reflections on Claude here.

Image Credit: 18 Shades of Gay, Montréal (Québec), Canada, CCxA