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Brie is illuminating the many dimensions of the Resilient City at Harvard!

Later this June, Agency’s Brie Hensold will be co-leading an executive education course at the Harvard Graduate School of Design on the Resilient City. According to the course description:

“Today, cities across the world are shaped by new forms of urbanism, a growing awareness of environmental challenges, and evolving cultural identities. Amidst increasing diversity and several years of strong economic and population growth, planners are discovering that cities are rich labs for exploring innovations in areas including: regional and local food systems; arts, culture and place-making, spatial planning and urban design; ecological systems, equity and social justice; and technology. The program will draw from interdisciplinary expert perspectives and active learning to explore these topics (and others) and to encourage participants to expand their understanding of how to design resilient and adaptable cities in the face of a changing climate, social equity challenges and a need for increasing competitiveness and innovation.”

Read more on the program and course here.