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Agency’s Rhiannon Sinclair Brings Some Chill to 3,000 Seconds of Flash Urbanism!

The Boston Society of Architects’ Urban Design Committee is having its 2019 inaugural event – Challenges for the Future of Our Cities in 3000 Seconds – a series of fast-paced presentations on the latest in design, planning, advocacy, and transportation in Boston and abroad.

Approximately 10 speakers will present five-minute micro-lectures addressing critical urban design issues, challenges and solutions – including the latest evolutions in climate adaptation, affordable housing, transit & mobility, community & city building, and urban agriculture & food security.

Agency’s Rhiannon Sinclair will be talking about community and city building in colder climates. The image here is of our York Street Park Design – a collaboration with Land Collective – in snow!

Join us to hear fast-paced presentations by Rhi and an incredible cast of talented urbanists! Register here.
There will be food, drink, lively conversation, and a preview of more to come on the UD Committee agenda for this year.