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Agency Welcomes Srishti Jaipuria for a Week-Long Winternship!

Srishti Jaipuria joined us for an exciting week-long winternship experience as a part of Taubman College’s spring break externship program!

Srishti is a second-year Master of Urban and Regional Planning student with a focus on transportation planning. Srishti is incredibly passionate about finding the right balance between social, economic, and environmental development. As a true planning enthusiast, you can always find her nerding out over maps. When she’s not knee-deep in urban planning, you can find her traveling and reading. She is always down for a good time and loves to socialize.

“My internship experience with Agency has been a remarkable and enriching learning experience. Within a brief period of a week, I was able to participate in five distinct projects, which expanded my knowledge in developing inclusive environments for communities. The highlight of my externship was being involved in a design charrette workshop about resilience in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Nothing is more fulfilling than engaging with the community and listening to their perspectives.” – Srishti Jaipuria