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Agency Reflects on Optimism and Transformed Futures at Drury!

We are thrilled that Agency’s Gina Ford will speak as part of the Hammons School of Architecture Lecture Series 2018-2019 this Friday at Drury University. The theme of this year’s speaker series whispers directly to our hearts: OPTIMISM. Check out their inspired introduction!

“Design and construction are fundamentally optimistic acts, since to conceive of and build space is to imagine a transformed future. As an activated (and potentially activist) art, architecture seeks to improve the private as well as the social experiences and activities of individuals, communities, and organizations. As local and global challenges emerge and evolve, the discipline and the profession are called on to do more than simply respond, adapt, or mitigate; they must also envision, facilitate, and contribute to empowering and ennobling future possibilities.

Even as we acknowledge its progressive capacities, we also recognize architecture’s limits. Economic realities, structures of power, and governmental and institutional processes all conspire to constrain what is possible. OPTIMISM features speakers who meet these challenges with confidence in the transformative potential of design and public engagement.”

Sign us up, Missouri! And see you soon!
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