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Agency Loves Indiana! Thrilled to Kickoff the Fort Wayne Riverfront with Land Collective!

We are thrilled to be part of the David Rubin Land Collective team kicking off the Fort Wayne Riverfront! The goal of the project is to design and begin implementation of Riverfront Fort Wayne Phases II and III, which will focus on preparations for public and private investment within the downtown riverfront area, including along the river’s edge.

In addition to DAVID RUBIN Land Collective and Agency Landscape + Planning, other members of the implementation team include: Beyer Blinder Belle Architecture and Planning, HR & A Real Estate and Economic Development Consultants, Bruce Mau Design, One Lucky Guitar, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, DLZ Engineering, CE Solutions Structural Engineering, MSKTD, Wilson Consulting Group Engineering, and Dharam Cost Consulting.

More about the project in this announcement!