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Agency is Talking about Passion in Practice Friday in Florida!

Agency’s Gina Ford is part of a keynote panel this Friday morning as part of the Florida America Society of Landscape Architects Annual Conference. She will be joined by collaborators Kim Garza of Atlas Lab, Christine Hite of Dix.Hite and Emily O’Mahoney of 2GHO. The panel is described as:

Google “What motivates female entrepreneurs and leaders?” and you’ll get a bunch of answers that roughly agree – women are often motivated by passion (for the work), purpose (i.e. a sense of doing good) and community (i.e. changing the world). Come hear from four leading landscape architects and business owners about how they have designed their award-winning practices with different approaches to (but plenty of) these three ingredients!

For more on the Conference, which looks to be a powerful and diverse series of talks, check out the schedule here: