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Agency Gets Dazzled by Community in Columbus, Indiana!

The 2018 National Symposium, Design, Community, and Progressive Preservation, took place September 26–29 and featured four days of engaging programming, exclusive tours along with morning and evening conversations with visionary leaders.

Agency introduced itself to the Columbus community at an Evening Conversion to Introduce the J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize Recipients at the City’s Commons. According to the Symposium program, “The J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize forms a connecting thread between Exhibit Columbus’ symposium and exhibition years. It honors two great patrons of architecture, art, and design by inviting renowned architects, artists, and designers to participate in the symposium and create innovative installations and experiences that make up the core of the exhibition. Meet the 2018-19 J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize Winners in their first public conversation as a group. After experiencing Columbus, its architectural heritage, and its community, the Miller Prize Winners will begin designing installations for the 2019 Exhibit Columbus exhibition.”

This initial conversation was moderated by Sean Anderson, associate curator for the Department of Architecture and Design of MoMA New York and included talks by:

  • Gina Ford, Agency Landscape + Planning (Cambridge MA)
  • Bryony Roberts, Bryony Roberts Studio (New York NY)
  • Frida Escobedo, Frida Escobedo Studio (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Alan Ricks, MASS Design Group (Boston MA; Kigali, Rwanda)
  • Jing Liu, SO-IL (New York NY)

We are thrilled to be among such amazing practices, community leaders and constituents – all of whom are excited by the prospect of community-driven public space and design. We felt like we really found our people in Columbus! More soon!