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Agency + ASLA! Join us as we talk equity, engagement and parks at the Annual Meeting!

This year’s American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting and Expo will be in Philadelphia from October 18-22.
Join Agency as we talk about equity, engagement and parks with some of our favorite thinkers, doers and collaborators! More information on the Conference here and more on engaging with us below!

Friday, October 19

Parks with Brie!
FRI-B05 – Returning to Our Roots: It’s Time for a 21st Century Parks and Recreation Movement10:30am-12:00pm
The moderator and panelists will discuss the profession’s role in the creation of vibrant parks and recreation programs since Olmsted, and will make the case that many of the societal issues facing urban and rural communities today can be addressed by a renaissance in parks and recreation development, maintenance, and programming.

Equity with Rhiannon!
FRI-D02 – A Framework for Equity: From Process to Product
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Equity has been around since the sustainability movement, as one of the three Es, but remains ill-defined and is often poorly executed. This panel explores a framework that addresses process to product to elevate our understanding of equity, how to design for it, and how to get paid for it.

Engagement with Brie!
FRI-D04 – Who Do We Work For? Improving Our Cities Without Disenfranchising Their Citizens, 3:30-5:00pm
Public realm projects offer designers the tremendous opportunity to innovate and advance our communities, but they also carry the sacred mandate that designers be stewards of the public interest. This panel will explore the challenge of maintaining projects’ creative, artistic, and/or functional integrity while utilizing a meaningful participatory design process.

Saturday, October 20

Design Excellence with Gina!
SAT-B05 – Depth of Perception—The Design Acumen of Three ASLA Design Medalists
Three ASLA Design Medal recipients will pull back the curtain to reveal a rare glimpse into their very diverse career paths. Using project images and anecdotes, each will discuss the design acumen employed, against all odds, in transforming concepts into career defining, iconic projects.

Sunday, October 21

Gina Serves Up Some Business + Feminism!
SUN-A07 – Positive Changes in the Landscape: A Discussion on Female Leadership and Courage11:00am–12:30pm
Recent movements on equality and harassment shone a light on the significant challenges women face in the workforce. Though the world of landscape is no safe haven, increasingly women have presence at our profession’s helm. This panel features four women who broke away from traditional firms to lead new practices.

Gina talks Equity and Excellence!
SUN-B10 – Designing the Public Realm: Equity and Beauty
Beauty, equity, and resilience are elements of good design and yet they are often isolated. Experienced designers will consider projects in which they designed as a means to foster equity by creating beautiful places or as a way to create more enduring and resilient designs in the public realm.

Monday, October 22
ASLA Professional and Student Awards Ceremony, 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm 
Join us the Chicago Riverwalk team accepts an Honor Award for Design!

See you in Philly!