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A Warm Welcome to Agency’s Summer Interns!

This summer, we are delighted to welcome four interns to Agency. Join us in welcoming:

Madison Sanders!

Madison is a landscape design intern and a student of landscape architecture at the University of Oregon whose interests lie in design communication and alternative approaches to community engagement. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Madison has an interest in communities’ connections to place and their overall willingness to engage in place-based stewardship and advocacy. Outside of the office, she enjoys working with her hands and spending the non-rainy days in the Pacific Northwest running, climbing, and skiing with her friends.

Gabriella Carmona!

Gabriella is a master’s student of Urban and Regional Planning at UCLA and holds a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from Williams College. She leverages urban design and policy as an opportunity to combat social and economic injustice — from democratizing data that brings to light spatial disparities to empowering citizens with the tools to redesign their neighborhoods. In her spare time, Gabriella loves rock climbing, biking, and hanging out with her cat, Pebbles.

Cole Thornton!

Cole is a landscape design intern and a Master of Landscape Architecture student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He developed an intimate relationship with the landscapes of the South while growing up in Nashville and attending college in North Carolina. Studying art history and working in outdoor leadership during and after college, Cole discovered landscape architecture as an exciting intersection of his interests in the impacts of art and experiential engagement with nature. In his free time, Cole can be found running, reading, or trying to learn a new craft.

Corey Watanabe!

Corey is a landscape design intern currently enrolled in the MLA program at Rhode Island School of Design where he was named the University’s 2023 Olmsted Scholar. As an artist and designer, he firmly believes in the power of landscape to uplift marginalized voices, shed light on silenced histories, and dismantle systemic barriers within our built environment. His current research focuses on the parallels between the varied cultural perceptions of “invasive species” and the histories of Asian American vernacular landscapes. Outside of the studio, Corey enjoys nerding out about plants on hikes, surfing, and making textile art.