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A Fabrication Update for Belle’s Play Garden

A larger-than-life pelican in the making!

These photos, sent from Monstrum’s studio, highlight the construction and fabrication process of the robinia and superwood (spruce) play and interpretive elements that are soon to be part of River’s Edge Park. With elements inspired by the Missouri River Ecosystem, Belle’s Play will feature a 13 ft. pelican, climbing cattails and sedges (Typha spp. and Carex spp.), and a balancing panfish and white bass. Once the pelican and fish are fully constructed, they will be shipped from Denmark to Council Bluffs and installed.

Belle’s Play Garden (at River’s Edge Park) is a partnership between The Go Play Initiative, SINC, Back to the River Inc., MONSTRUM, and Agency Landscape + Planning. Stay tuned, as Belle’s Play Garden will officially break ground later this spring!