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A Big Thank You to Citizens Bank for Supporting Our Work!

Last month, Citizens Bank awarded Agency, along with 50 other small businesses across the northeast, with one of its Citizens Bank Small Business Recovery Program Grants. Citizens provided over $2-million dollars of aid directly to small business based on a competitive grant program aimed at supporting companies that serve communities and their needs though their work.

According to Citizens’ Chairman and CEO, “The coronavirus pandemic presents unique challenges both today and over the longer term, and Citizens is committed to supporting our neighbors across this spectrum of need. Our approach puts these funds in the hands of our community partners and small businesses quickly to meet immediate needs while setting the stage for a sustainable recovery.”

Agency’s grant from Citizens is being invested to develop and bolster our resources in facilitating community outreach and engagement during the coming months where traditional public meetings and in-person forums are not possible. We are exploring online survey and engagement tools, further developing and disseminating a resource library of strategies to communities and hosting new types of online forums. In addition, we have convened similar like-minded practices in a strategic forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities of engagement at this time and create a client-focused resource toolkit.

We are grateful to Citizens Bank for their support everyday – but particularly during this time!

Programming and operations of the Lawn on D is supported by Citizens.
Image credit: @ChristianPhilipsPhotography