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2020 at Harvard GSD

In 2020, Brie Hensold is teaching three courses through the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Classes are back in session for the Master in Urban Planning program this semester, where Brie is teaching the Second Semester Core Urban Planning Studio alongside Daniel D’Oca, Kathy Spiegelman, and Carole Voulgaris. The studio returns to the Merrimack Valley where students are focused on neighborhood plans for Lowell, Massachusetts that emphasize community engagement and implementation.

Registration is open for two Executive Education courses.

Through the Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education program, Brie is also teaching a two-day summer immersion in resilient master planning as well as a year-long team project for the Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate.

Master Planning: The Resilient City
This summer, July 11-12, 2020, Brie will work with Kevin Storm of the DC Office of Planning to lead an exhilarating two-day course. Today, cities across the world are shaped by new forms of urbanism, a growing awareness of environmental challenges, and evolving cultural identities. The focus of this two-day program is on developing a broader understanding of how the master planner or designer’s skills contribute to more resilient cities and futures. Panel discussions – with a guest lecture from Gina Ford, field work, and interactive activities explore environmental, economic, and social issues. Registration is now open!

Advanced Management Development Program in Real Estate
AMDP is a one year executive development program in real estate. Building on Tom Kearns‘ decade of leadership, Brie has succeeded him as adviser for the team project, which brings together urban design, financial analysis, and urban strategy on a real site with real clients. Applications are now open for the class of 2021, starting in July 2020.